Louley is an independent, Australian owned and family-run label. Louley was created out of a love for soft beautiful hues, pieces that are rich in quality and a considered and honest approach to creation. As a label that is deeply aware of the impact the fashion industry is having on our world Louley is committed to building a foundation that is considered, authentic and having purpose.
 Design for Louley is a creative practise where we continually search for how we can close the gap to becoming a more sustainable business. We hero circular, biodegradable fabrics and endeavour to have an open, honest and transparent relationship with our wonderful customers that support our label and enjoy the garments as much as we love creating, stitching, designing and making them.

We are a small label that works with only a few suppliers. We began with just one family owned and run supplier in Indonesia who, to this day, we still work with. At the core of our ethos is relationships and how we foster them. Whether it be our suppliers off shore or our daily interactions with you, our loyal customers, it is these connections that are most important to us and who we are as a business.

Being an independent and small label allows us to dictate many processes of our business. Most importantly is cost and price point within this space. We are able to keep our price point to a minimum by staying small, following our commitment to sustainability and selling exclusively online. We continue to be transparent in this journey of creativity without compromise and thank our loyal Louley community for your continued support.
With love,