Described as the forgotten cousin of the larger Hawaiian islands, Kauai has a small and sleepy town charm. Etched with vivid colours, sheer cliffs and unmatched views of the ocean this place is anything but forgotten. A place to unplug, recharge and unwind, you won’t find a better spot than on this island in the middle of the Pacific. Kauai’s low-key vibes, unique and remote feel is what attracts many of its dwellers. Living in the wilds of island life is earth centred beauty and all round worthy woman, Jordan aka Pheonix Wild who, with her family took up residency on the Hawaiian island Kauai. And like many of the islands inhabitants has found connectedness and the way to live a conscious life from the land. We sat down with Pheonix to catch up and to talk about her self made authenticity, her raw and unaltered life and how this has influenced her style.


What was it about Kauai that drew you to the island and how does it differ from the mainland?
We were mesmerized with the idea of living on the Garden Island. We loved the ways of growing one's own food source and living simple & close to Nature. Our first date was at a community garden in Atlanta, so it was like a dream come true to find a place who's main priority was fresh food. Kauai is different from the mainland because it's easier to tap into the power of self and taking responsibility for ones diet and abundance....on the mainland it is easier to let someone else do that for you. 
Your passion for living an authentic lifestyle and being true to who you are resonates with inner and self peace and fulfilment. Do you think it is the lifestyle you live that cultivated this?
Indeed. In many ways I can say yes to this but I also know if I chose to live anywhere else I could still hold these authentic values. But it is definately easier to do that here. I would mainly say that motherhood is what pulled this inner peace and fullfillment from me but living exactly where I want to live in the world is just a playground for me now.
Your family and yourself have made a lifestyle that is connected and lives off the land you live, how does this affect your style and what you choose to wear and how to dress?  
I choose to wear mainly organically sourced clothing, brands that have a high priority for sustainable practices and unique styles. I love the simple throw on pieces that I can do busy mom life flow while still feeling beautiful and not crazy. (how I feel inside lol)
With so much happening in the world, what are you top tips to switch off and find peace each day?
Get outside. Do simple tasks that you would perform indoors out in nature. Leave your phone inside when you go out and take time to be away from the phone in general. Watch ALL the movies and sleep in when you can :) This is an exciting time for our planet and staying in happy and grateful vibes is really key. We won. Time to celebrate! 
April 05, 2020 — Tessa Ford

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