Location - Bowral, Souther Highlands
Model - Elise Zecevic
Photographer - Jessica Witkamp

Located in the enchanted woodlands of Bowral lies the Southern Highlands, just south of Sydney. With a whimsical, misty and mesmerising feeling and mood we couldn’t dream of a more perfect location for our Highlands collection; a compilation of pieces that evoke a unique connection with Mother earth and her natural beauty.

We are truly beyond proud that every single garment from Highlands is made from 100% natural fibres. Just as nature shines through hero-ing simplicity, Highlands emphasises effortless beauty with a minimalist colour palette featuring light and natural tones, and then moving into soft blues and moody midnight shades which will be in part two of this collection.

This step forward into creating and dreaming up a collection that is made entirely from natural fibres means progress and growth in the right direction for us here at Louley. We want to continue to move together and keep moving forward in our sustainability journey. Join us, holds hands and run through the enchanted fields of Highlands in the most beautiful and wearable pieces we have created yet xx

March 03, 2021 — Tessa Ford
Tags: Highlands

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