Introducing Louley Summer Part Two, where we celebrate a joyous time of year, the reunion of family and friends and special occasions. Our Vesta collection saw us bring to life the festive season. There’s just something about getting dressed for a special occasion that makes you feel – well, special. We took time in this thought to ask ourselves why wait for an elusive occasion to look and feel your very best. Let’s celebrate living. Perhaps it is a bit of an escapism to brighten up a mundane day, whatever it is, we are here for it.
Our entire Vesta collection has been sewn with Mother Nature in mind with every single design using natural fibres. Our new (and crowd favourite) Stella is 100% linen, grown with minimal water, is antibacterial, antimicrobial and breathable. We are beyond proud to be showcasing Stella – our very first exclusive print linen dress. As we have always done, we chose digital printing as it creates far less waste than screen printing. The new Blue Fern print in Chapter Two of our Vesta collection is a joyful palette of floral print that brings a sense of fun and frivolity for the festive season ahead.
No matter the piece in this small and limited collection, it is bound to make a statement. An exciting new print, slightly relaxed silhouettes and celebrating the festive season ahead and seeing out the year 2022. Whatever way you are celebrating the final months of the year, make them special, feel special and thank you! Thank you for stopping by and being part of the Louley community that we adore so so much.
With love always,
November 29, 2022 — Tessa Ford

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