A sun-kissed trip through the narrow streets and wide beaches of Greece, for our latest collection Sacred Sun, the introduction to Louley Spring/Summer 2023.
Inspired by the spirit of Summer, salty sun kissed skin and endless days spent by the sea.
The first international campaign for Louley and a dream scape to shoot. A small collection that invites more carefree days under the sun for those that are allured by the appeal of freedom, travel and new life as we tread lightly into the months of Spring.
From a personal note, this has been a pinch me moment, a dream come true to take Louley to the shores of Greece and all its beauty, to capture the essence and island inspired details, the collection has been designed with a dream like state of mind. Though small, we have created unique pieces all crafted with Mother Nature in mind with every single design using natural fibres. Our new Stella dress is 100% linen with a true stand out print. We continue to do our own in house printing in house with the Pink Waratah being a stand out and much loved new addition here at Louley HQ.
Love as always,
August 03, 2023 — Tessa Ford

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