What are you up to this weekend? We are celebrating our 'Mr just turned 7' with a trip into the city and some of his favourite things to do. It got me thinking, what else is happening in our world...here are a few fun things. 

Salad season is far from over for us and I am thrilled to have discovered Wholesome by Sarah (late to the party I know). She has to die for salad recipes. 


Found these and they made me think of all the accidental friends you make as we meander through the days...love.

A cute new look we'll be releasing next month ...

Book I bought my own Mum for Mother'd Day from Australian Geographic - some good gift ideas in there.

Australias Best 100 Walks book

This weekend would like to be buying tickets here - Sydney Comedy Festival, but instead perusing these - Fantastic Mr Fox 


The ultimate gift to take to a kids party - so much fun!


Celebrating life with the very best of friends (in Louley of course, you can find the dress here) and counting down the days until we all get together again xx


Have a beautiful weekend, 




April 28, 2023 — Tessa Ford

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