We are a young brand founded with a vision; a vision to do things differently, with good intention and to make fashion better. We want to act sustainably and we take this into consideration for every action we make. This week marks the annual global movement of Fashion Revolution, a week that highlights a fairer, safer, and more transparent industry.

As a brand, our commitment to producing ethically made and sustainable production is ingrained into our foundation. Craftsmanship that is considered and designed with integrity has always been our ethos. While these practices are ever-changing and developing, we pride ourselves on learning new ways, adapting and embracing such change and are committed to building a foundation that is considered, authentic and having purpose.

We believe in building and supporting an industry that conserves and restores the environment while most importantly, one that values people over profit. Fashion Revolution this year marks one of the most pivotal yet, a call to action and awareness as we navigate the ever-evolving global pandemic times of Covid-19. As a business we have continued to support our makers during this time with due diligence and care, fulfilling all scheduled orders and continued, ongoing work.




We create small and slow batches that are thoughtfully made. Bringing awareness to making the right choices for the environment and ourselves is important to us. Our design ethos is based on creating and curating a wardrobe with pieces that can be worn year after year.

We only ever order requirements to meet our demand and keep our stock levels at minimum. We believe in using all that we have. We don’t have dead stock – excess rolls of material unused as we only ever order enough to make what we need. We use whole rolls of fabric and offcuts are re-purposed into packaging or donations.

We believe in considered creation and making sustainable choices across our business wherever we can. In a space that is ever evolving with new techniques and processes we too are ever changing to adapt and learn; to always strive for a better, lighter path forward. Read more about our consumption and sustainability practises here.




The make-up of our textiles is paramount to us, as well as its impact to the environment. We believe in choosing naturally derived materials with benefits that vastly outweigh their synthetic counterparts. We choose natural because they can be replaced, regrown, or raised time and time again which means they are biodegradable. Currently we have all but one of our garments from naturally derived materials. We absolutely adore linen fabric and use it as much as we can. We believe in holding onto a garment for its entire lifespan, looking after it, caring for it and loving it, every single year.




We see our skilled makers and artisans as part of the Louley family and are dedicated to continually providing and producing ethically made pieces. Louley is designed and founded on Australia’s Central Coast and seeks off shore production. A beautiful family in Indonesia tailors all our garments in small batches. Our small family run team is paid above award wages and works together from their home in a studio connected to their house. We have personally visited them and had planned to be there now prior to the covid-19 pandemic. We speak with them on a weekly basis. Their happiness, health and well-being and financial stability matters to us and as Louley continues to grow, we hope it supports their growth too.




Louley is proud to be producing thoughtfully created designs using natural and sustainable materials. A considered choice and one that is important to who we are. Since 2019 Louley has been creating ethically made pieces from Indonesia. Working with traditional artisans each of our pieces are lovingly made with generations of tradition and technique in each stitch, rich in culture and considered in creation. Our love for beautiful clothes that are ethically and thoughtfully made continues to grow and dictate who we are. Responsibility, taking action and owning who we are and what we do are so important to us and where we are headed. Equally important is our integrity and sharing this with you, our community. We believe these are life-long commitments and attitudes we want to grow and develop and continue our ever-lasting vision of doing things with good intention and conscious.

April 21, 2020 — Tessa Ford

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